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Interesting experiences by an alien abductee!

Captain Ozone - http://www.captainozone.com
A very, very strange sort or super hero guy. Yes kids, he's real and in color!

Creep Box - http://www.slice-o-life.com/creepbox/
A dust-brain box of goodies!

Eccentric America! - http://www.eccentricamerica.com/
Lookin' for weird stuff to do when you travel? Check out the quirky, bizarre, people and places that populate the fringes of mainstream tourism.

FIVE - http://fivecomix.keenspace.com/
...a terrible thing. It's amazing how a comic can be this sick and still get an "R" rating. The humor is so disturbing, I feel guilty for thinking it's funny...but it is.
Almost Clean

Evil Fluffy Bunnies of Doom - http://fluffybunniesofdoom.bravehost.com/
Fluffy bunnies are evil. Be warned of this evil.

Flush the Web - http://www.flushtheweb.com
The first ever worst of the web search engine and directory... if the site sucks, you will find it here! Wouldn't you know it, TheWeirdcrap.com was listed right off the bat!
Clean, but watch the sites you go to...

Headless Historicals - http://www.headlesshistoricals.com
Doll commemorating the lives and grim deaths of historical figures.
Mostly Clean

Health Shaman.com - http://www.healthshaman.com
Here's a chance to learn a little about alternative and holistic therapy for physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

Ink Blot Test - http://www.inkblottestwallpaper.com/
This site has a huge collection of some of the most interesting and bizarre Inkblot tests ever made. Plus you can buy your favorite Inkblot tests from this site and use them to wallpaper your house!

Inside-Artzine - http://www.inside-artzine.de/
Ezine - drawings, shortstories, animations, comics, reviews, links. Very Strange Trip - Bob S.
Mostly Clean

Manitou's Lair - http://www.manitouslair.com
Visit "Silly Shorts" and "Crazy Guy's Diary," Those sections are funny.

Strange Clips - http://strangeclips.blogspot.com/
Strange collection of U-Tube clips...this is the place to go!

Trivia888 - http://www.trivia888.com
Features online trivia sites - the best multiplayer trivia games for real cash or for free money. check Trivia888 before playing internet trivia games online.

TwistedEdge - http://www.twistededge.org
Where humor goes to die.
Not so Clean

Puppet Terrors - http://www.puppetterrors.com
VPuppets with problems, very strange...take a look, you can even buy one!
Mostly Clean

Taking Over the World - http://www.taking-over-the-world.blogspot.com/
Genetics, Sea Monkeys, and conquest...need we say more!

Terminal Art - http://www.terminal-art.de
Websites, banner, print, everything - Don't let the simple description fool you. This site has got the best freaky-art I have ever seen! GO NOW!!!
Mostly Clean

Turd Shack - http://www.turdshack.com
Buy some good shit. Their shit don't stink.
Mostly Clean

Web Weirdness - http://www.webweirdness.com/
Peek into the portal of weirdness, travel the internet to the strange odd cyber worlds of the most unusual, outrageously weird and wacky websites.
Not so Clean

Weird Year - http://www.weirdyear.com/
Flash fiction site that provides a daily dose of short stories, 365 days a year.

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