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Where Gay and Lesbian Comic Characters Live! - http://www.gayrealestate.com/real-estate-resources/where-gay-and-lesbian-comic-book-characters-live.html
The name pretty much sums it up, this is where gay and lebian comic characters live. I don't really know if these characters are gay or if the web site just thinks of them that way...maybe I need to take a second look and figure it out!

Cartoon Blues - http://www.cartoonblues.com/index.html
cartoons by an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. A home for HELLOGOODBYE single panel comic.

The Cynic - http://www.swensonfunnies.com
Another great serial feature by Jeff Swenson. A smart alec pet living with two guys leads to lots of laughs.
Almost Clean

Dan's Cartoons - http://www.danscartoons.com
Cartoons by Dan Rosandich are available for a negotiable fee, to license for any usage. Cartoons are categorized for your convenience.

FIVE - http://fivecomix.keenspace.com/
It's amazing a comic can be this sick and still get an "R" rating. The humor is so disturbing, I feel guilty for thinking it's funny...but it is.

Freakytoons.com - http://www.freakytoons.com
Out of Business! When TheWeirdcrap.com was new, I invited them to join our top site list, they wrote a two page letter saying our site list "wasn't much to look at..." and, "you have to spend money to make money (cause our site was hosted on a free server)." Well we still haven't made a dime, but our site list has over 150 members and TheWeirdcrap.com is still up and running with bout 1/4 million page views per month! Ha Ha!
Out of Business!

Gibbleguts - http://www.gibbleguts.com
More comics to choose from at at their site. Kinda funny.

Jeff Turtles Turtleshop - http://www.turtleshop.de/index.html
Funny Turtle Humor! You gotta visit this one 'cause they were the first site to link to TheWeirdcrap.com! German site which has an English version too.

The Jokes on You - http://www.thefunnypages.com
Cartoons submitted by readers! Give him suggestions and he'll make a cartoon about it.
t so Clean

Mr. D Kings Whiny Page - http://www.sweaterthieves.com/
I can't remember how I found this site back in 99', but it was one of the first links we ever posted. Has great 40's style art, very unique, he changed the name to SweaterThieves.com!

Norm and Company - http://www.normandcompany.com/CARTOONS/Cartoons_Galle.html
Home of funny cartoons and funny cartoon games!

The Parking Lot is full - http://www.plif.com/
If you are human, eventually they will insult you. Very unconventional, only archives are available since they stopped producing new comics.
Almost Clean

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