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Inbox Folder

  • New design loads faster and makes reading messages a snap!
  • Column with all the options on top left of each page. See Example below...


  • Send your email messages here. The address book makes sending messages to friends easy!
  • Save Draft feature allows you to start a message now and finish it later!


  • Allows you to view your Inbox, sent, and deleted (trashed) messages.
  • Create your own folders! For example, I recieve a large number of link requests and stories, so I made a "Link Folder" and a "Stories Folder" to help organize my mail.


  • Look for a particular message based on a keyword or phrase!


  • Just press "Use Stationery" and select "Weirdcrap Story Background" and your email will have the same background as the Weirdcrap Story Pages!

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test01" for the password.
The box below has a working model.

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