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FAQ - Say! What's the low-down on this caper!

How Does it Work?
What about Privacy?
I already have email, why use Weirdcrap's?
Does it have an address book?
How do I sign up?
Can I get my Weirdcrap email on my POP email?

How does web-based email work? How is it different from AOL or my ISP account?

Web-based email services Like Weirdcrap's Totally FREE Inbox email, store messages on a network that is available from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use any web browser to view and send messages. Therefore, if your a student or you travel often, you'll always have access to your email! Weirdcrap email is totally free--there will never be a service charge.

Email accounts through AOL or your ISP require special software to receive and send email. Most importantly, with AOL and other ISPs, your email address remains yours only so long as you continue to pay a monthly fee.

What about my privacy? Will other people be able to read
my email?

Weirdcrap and our email server, recognizes that your privacy is important. has built strong security safeguards into Weirdcrap's email to ensure that only someone using your member name and password can access your account. Top

I already have an email address at work or with my ISP. Why would I use Weirdcrap email?

With Weirdcrap email, you can access all your messages--all in one place, from anywhere. And your messages are private. Unlike email accounts at work, or accounts that download messages to a shared home computer, no one else can access your Weirdcrap email messages.

You can also have Weirdcrap email notify you at any other email account and let you know you have new mail! Just click the "Options" button on the left hand side.

One other thing, all the Cool People have Weirdcrap email.

Does Weirdcrap email have an address book?

Yes. You can create a nickname for each of your contacts to make sending email to them faster and easier. Top

How do I sign up for Weirdcrap's Totally FREE Inbox email?

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out our simple 1 minute form and you instantly have an email account! Top

Can I retrieve my FREE Weirdcrap email on my POP email account?

Whew! I was afraid you'd ask that...

The answer is yes! Follow steps 1 - 3.

Step 1. Make sure that your Internet Service Provider or company uses a Post Office Protocol (POP3) server.

Step 2.
Configure your mailbox to retrieve mail from your POP accounts.

    • Click Options on the main navigation bar.
    • Click the External POP Mail link.
    • Click Add Pop Account.
    • Fill in the Pop Server Hostname, POP Account Username, POP Account Password, and the POP Server Port fields. You can get this information from your Internet Service Provider. The Pop Server Port is typically 110. All four fields are required.
    • Check the Leave mail on Pop Server checkbox to keep copies of your messages on your POP server. A blank checkbox will erase all messages from your POP account.
    • Check the Retrieve new messages only checkbox to only retrieve new messages from your POP account. A blank checkbox results in retrieving all of the messages in your POP account.
    • Click Add Pop Account. A list of the POP Accounts you currently retrieve mail from will appear.
    • Repeat steps 3-7 for each POP account you wish to retrieve mail from.

Step 3. Retrieve your mail from your POP Accounts:

    • Click Inbox on the main navigation bar.
    • Click the Get External Mail link. If you receive a POP Mail Retrieval Error upon attempting to connect, click the Check your POP Mail configuration link and verify your settings. Top

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