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TheWeirdcrap.com offers an outlet for Bel Garion. Which is good because it keeps him off the streets.

Psycho Sermons! 2005

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A brief history:

In 2001 Bob and Stephen saw an article in the local paper about an evangelistic baptism for born again christians at the local watering hole. In hopes of seeing some hot wet T-shirt action, they attended.

While standing on his tippy-toes to see, Bob noticed an odd man running through the crowd holding up a goldfish cracker yelling, "Don't do the water...the fish...the fish!!! The fish are Damned! DAMNED TO HELL!!!

That man was Bel Garion. After what must have been at least 15 seconds of deep thought, they decided Bel should write a column!

He agreed! His sermons flowed like wine, like molasses, like back-wash from a soda. That is until the year 2003. The letters slowed, the emails stopped, and we were forced to drop the once great column. He wouldn't answer our emails or the phone. Bel was gone.

Then, out of the blue, in April of 2005, I recieved a column from Bel. No explanation, no message, no nothing, just the column/blog. Then he sent another, and another, and another. We decided to give him his own spot on TheWeirdcrap.com. So here they are...enjoy them while they last!

- Editor -

04/08/05 - Guest Writer Bel Garion takes over for a while!

04/15/05 - Three Guys Named Moe.

04/22/05 - Revenge of Bel!!!

05/05/05 - The Salsa that Binds

05/13/05 - The Smell that won't go away!

05/20/05 - Neighbors Haul Shit

05/27/05 - Driving Mr. Fuckhead

06/04/05 - Drinking with Jesus.

06/10/05 - Bastard Fuck Demon of the Storms

06/17/05 - Conversations with... God?

06/24/05 - Take your church and shove it.

07/01/05 - When You're Strange.

07/09/05 - Butt itch of the Day.

07/14/05 - An Angry God

07/22/05 - A Week (minus one day) Off

07/29/05 - Back Pain, a Knife, and the Word of God

08/05/05 - Soldier of God

08/12/05 - He That Runs Without Leash (Soldier of God Part 2)

08/20/05 - Onward Christian Soldiers

08/27/05 - FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!


09/17/05 - Strip Club Bliss

09/26/05 - Republican Lemmings

10/01/05 - Old Fuck Bastard Pig Fuck Nieghbor

10/08/05 - The Lord vs. The Flies

10/16/05 - Saint Garion Goes To Saint Augustine

10/21/05 - Unforgiving Chili of Indeterminate Gas and Nauseous Nightmares

10/31/05 - Saint Garion Learns to Ride a Motorcycle

11/04/05 - Tequila: a fine starter drink.

11/21/05 - Bird Flu Pandemic!

11/28/05 - Attack of the Jerome Clones: The Flaming Column of Piss

12/04/05 - Psalms of Katrina

12/13/05 - Saint Garion and the Groom

12/19/05 - War on Christmas?

12/26/05 - Divinity Is In All Things (Especially Goat Cheese)

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