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Maculate Conception!

Maculate Conception - 02/25/03
By Bel Garion
Published each Tuesday

Dear Bel,

HALO: God's gift to gamers. True or false?


Hello Eric,

Between my fascinations with lesbians and the tendency for high "status" people in my church to have unsightly nose hair, I haven't really been in on the gaming scene. I did however rediscover how wonderful McDonald's food really is. The double quarter pounder and those delicious fries are just good enough to kill a vegetarian for. I haven't eaten at McDonalds for years and now I find myself there three times just in this last week! I will need to cut back now, of course, or become horribly over weight.

Upon your prompting I did go out to give the HALO thing a whirl, I must say that I did enjoy the game. God did have a hand in its creation, just as he did with McDonalds French Fries, but the real entity to thank for that feeling of bliss here is the Demiurge.

That's the woman out in the gazebo smoking the cigarette that knows all of the lies that make up our reality. Anyway, have a good life.


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