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Maculate Conception!

Maculate Conception - 01/14/03
By Bel Garion
Published each Tuesday

Dear Bel,

My sister's husband walked out on her and her two sons when she told him she was pregnant with a third.

Their two boys are retarded. He said he couldn't cope with another freakish offspring. My sister was devastated, became sick, and could no longer work. I ended up taking her in and eventually gave her and her sons jobs in my restaurant.

What I want to ask you Bel is this, if your younger sister is waiting tables and somehow manages to break three plates about every hour and a half, how many plates will you, the restaurant owner, have to replace in an eight hour day if you also have two nephews breaking dishes at about the same rate as they wash dishes in the kitchen? How long should I wait to fire them all?



Give them some time to get used to their new job, 240 plates at the very least.


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