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Maculate Conception!

Maculate Conception - 11/05/02
By Bel Garion
Published each Tuesday

Dear Bel,

A friend at work loaned me a collection of stories written by H.P. Lovecraft. When I began the book and could tell within the first paragraph that I was going to enjoy this author. Unfortunatly, my sixteen year old daughter has taken the book. She seems excited about reading it and I am reluctant to discourage her, but I wonder if it's giving to give her nightmares. I heard her this morning around 3am scream awake but when I went in to check on her she was asleep. Her light was on, as was the television, the book on her nightstand. I went to take it but she woke with a fright as soon as I touched the book and insisted that
it remain.

What should I do Bel?



I went to the grocery yesterday and got behind the most obnoxious people in the world. The first woman had MORE than ten little jars of baby food alone which accounted for less than half of her load AND paid with a check. The SECOND woman stood playing with the magazines and gum along the checkout asile, pressing her buttocks aginst the counter taking up an obnoxious amout of space so the people standing behind her could not put ANYTHING DOWN AND THEN bought a little thing of juice with a handful of change leaving the checkout line in absolute ruin!!

I was wracked with anger and stunned by my own restraint. Which lasted until I saw thier children, confined in thier vehicle, watching their moms get thier nails done. I sat back in my own car and settled into the mind of the 2 year old. The child was glad for the company but more importantly, was very open to suggestion. I saw through his eyes that the van was in PARK. "Kick that." He kicked. He kicked until the N was red. Then "See that handle?" I thought. The reply came in the form of a forceful nod. "Grab and pull." The parking brake released. The people in the nail salon screamed in terror when the van outside went into motion and leaned through the front glass wall. The children wailed in thier excitement and even clapped. And I went home, a hero.

Hope this helps,

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