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Maculate Conception!

Maculate Conception - 10/15/02
By Bel Garion
Published each Tuesday

Dear Bel,

It was one week ago that I first dreamed that I was in a swamp. It was nighttime and there were a string of round cabins held out of the ground water atop struts, with a connecting boardwalk. There was about five cabins in all, but only one in particular that I remember. I was alone. I walked down the boardwalk and broke into the cabin, looking for something. I determined that I was looking for a light bulb located in a ceiling, this light bulb, this ceiling. The significance of the bulb escapes me, I do remember that its color was wrong, but not what the color actually was. It was hung amidst a circle of writings on the floor, to which I paid little attention out of what felt like more that disinterest. I knew I didn't want to read it. I climbed a ladder, reaching for the bulb, when it fell to the floor and shattered. It was then that I noticed the crack in the floor and with it the bluish ooze coming out of it. Out of what felt like instinct, a survival instinct, I ran, like hell. I leaped off of the boardwalk onto a patch of dry land and was told by a very large lizard that if I fell into the water, I would most certainly die. I wake.
Please help me Bel, I dream this same dream every night. I feel like I am going mad. How can I make it stop?


Dear G,

Let's see... The five cabins represent Truth and the boardwalk, life. The cabin you break into represents a forbidden truth, which you will happen upon, through no effort of your own. The ladder represents gain. As for the bulb, ooze, and color well you almost gain all of this forbidden knowledge and then flee from it once you discover its nature. The lizard represents a warning against over indulgence in some sort of vice.

Hope this helps, and donít touch the ooze.


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