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Conception - 06/18/02

By Bel Garion
Published each Tuesday

Dear Bel,

With this entire debate in the Catholic Church about the sexual abuse of children, I am surprised that you have not addressed the issue. You claim to be a saint, so what is your position? Should a priest be allowed to continue on in the church after abusing a child?

-Richard in Main

Dear Richard,

I think it's interesting to note that everyone is debating the issue instead of just doing what they know Christ would want in the first place. Assume for a moment that being a "Christian" is about being like Christ. Moreover, that precludes acting like his father and just dragging every / any old offender out into the street for a good old fashioned stoning. No Christ was generally a nice guy and was all about passive resistance. Love your neighbor, that sort of thing. Since you are asking me what I would recommend, where I Christian, I would have to ask myself, "What would Jesus do?"

Well, when children were involved, things get a little messy with the big "J". I think it is written something like this probably in Mark somewhere and I am paraphrasing but I am sure you get the idea. "As for those who would harm one of these (children) who believe in me, it would be better for them to have a large (not a small) millstone tied around their neck and be thrown into the sea."

I like this kind of straightforward approach and I think everyone can appreciate its effectiveness in deterring any future problems involving children.

Hope this helps,


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