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Lunatic Ravings:
Originally called, "I'm Pissed!" We changed the name for syndication. We never got syndicated, but kept the new name - we don't know why.

Lunatic Ravings! 2005

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  A brief history:

Stephen Johnson has been writing for TheWeirdcrap.com since it started back in 2000. In fact, our original idea in 1995, was to have an underground publication and circulate it around the Bay Area where all the "artsy-fartsy" people are. We got an abandoned builing, a printing press and we were ready to go when we found Stephen digging around in the dumpster. We gave him a hot meal and he never left.

Just when we were ready to start printing, Stephen suggested we buy a computer and build a web site in order to save money on paper.

Sounded like a great idea, so we re-hashed the whole thing. We sold the press and bought a computer. It took Bob a good five years to learn himself html; and by then, everyone quit our venture, except Stephen who wanted to write a weekly column. So armed with a head full of ideas and one short story, TheWeirdcrap.com went on-line!

Eventually we all sobered up and moved to different parts of the country, but through the magic of technology we can still run our weird little on-line publication of Weird Crap - thanks to Stephen, his booze enhanced ideas, and his willingness to pursue a hopeless cause.

TheWeirdcrap.com is his brain-child, and these are his thoughts:

- Editor -

01/03/05 - Deli Ham and the cure for cancer.

01/10/05 - Liar...Bob!

01/17/05 - I didn't do it!

01/24/05 - Top 10 predictions for 2005!

02/07/05 - Stephen bows to Bob's unfailing logic.

02/14/05 - TheWeirdcrap.com's Special Valentines-Special for Valentines.

02/21/05 - Who will run Crackwhore Village?

02/28/05 - Walmart, crackwhores, and intestines!

03/07/05 - All work and no play makes Stephen a bad boy...

03/14/05 - Heading north for the summer.

03/21/05 - A mentor for the little sports enthusiasts.

03/28/05 - Crackwhore miracle, a childs story.

04/03/05 - Working on it!!!

04/11/05 - Bears and cats, Oh, my!

04/18/05 - Beat my Guest

04/25/05 - Ryan Seacrest: Sperm Gone Wrong?

05/01/05 - Last week in review

05/09/05 - The Runaway Bride...no not the movie!

05/15/05 - Stupid, Insane Violence OR What is Wrong With This Guy?

05/21/05 - Duct Tape, Burqas & Bob

06/04/05 - Puking on the Coming Apocalypse

06/12/05 - Is This Sarcasm?

06/18/05 - I'll Spank Your Monkey!

06/26/05 - I Am Oprah. Fear Me.

07/03/05 - Alcohol = Large Balls

07/10/05 - Nothing to see here...just go home.

07/16/05 - Don't Worry, I'm Alright!

07/22/05 - The Universe, Female Mud Wrestlers and Email

07/31/05 - Nonsense That Makes No Sense

08/07/05 - Goodbye Old Friend

08/14/05 - A Discussion on Dreams

08/21/05 - The P and Illiteracy

08/28/05 - Urine, Swishy and Upchuck

09/11/05 - The Mad Dearth of Jerome

09/18/05 - Help for the Deficient

09/24/05 - Tasty Succulent Legs

10/01/05 - Why Can't I Leave This Alone?

10/09/05 - Death Be Not Colorful

10/16/05 - House of the Damned Woman

10/23/05 - Blood, Sheep, Virgins and Revenge

10/30/05 - Break Time!

11/06/05 - How Not to Beat the High Cost of Living

11/12/05 - Guided to the Spiritual Path

11/20/05 - Shame to the False Idol!

11/27/05 - The Beast is Kind of Unleashed

12/04/05 - Who's a Bunny Hater?

12/10/05 - He Ain't No Village Person!

12/17/05 - The Crackwhore Village Christmas Spectacular

12/26/05 - Snipe, Lemmings and a List


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