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Lunatic Ravings:
Originally called, "I'm Pissed!" We changed the name for syndication. We never got syndicated, but kept the new name - we don't know why.

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01/05/04 - Top 10 Predictions for 2004!!!

01/12/04 - Ok, the real prediction for 2004.

01/19/04 - Jesuit Kitty & Michael

01/26/04 - I'd buy that for a dollar!

02/02/04 - Of course I want some cheesy-poofs!

02/09/04 - Why I hate music!

02/16/04 - Radio Ga-Ga, Radio Go-Go.

02/23/04 - The Omen - Part XXXIII

03/01/04 - Car alarms, lab rats, midget porn, and the Gub-ment.

03/08/04 - Martha ate my car.

03/15/04 - Finally, on the fifth year of writing columns, Stephen realizes he's full of crap!

03/22/04 - Stephen gets, deep, deep...deep.

03/29/04 - And I thought mother-fucker's were bad...

04/05/04 - Something special for the kids.

04/12/04 - We take a nice stroll down Crack Whore Village.

04/19/04 - If you don't want to be shocked, read no further. If you do want to be shocked then read further but don't come to me in shock claiming that you're in shock because you read the shocking insight...

04/26/04 - OUCH.

05/03/04 - This is a very special Thursday!

05/10/04 - I axed you a question...I axed you a question...I axed you a...

05/17/04 - Assorted Ravings of a third kind...

05/24/04 - Stephen gets his vacation, and you get nothing!

05/31/04 - The gas non-crisis.

06/06/04 - True Confessions part IV.

06/13/04 - The alien seed is among us.

06/20/04 - Aliens, munchkins, and the truth about Bob!

06/28/04 - Why I worship Bob!

07/12/04 - Spam...If you can't beat 'em...

07/19/04 - Heartfelt letter from Courtney Love...or Cox...maybe it was Melissa Joan Hart or Jennifer Love Hewitt?

07/26/04 - Mr. Brown you've got a lovely...

08/16/04 - Chico is back!!! Part I

08/30/04 - Part II of Stephen's fantastic journey of self discovery in the land of apes!

09/06/04 - Part III of the big adventure, also known as "The Scrapping of the Teeth."

09/13/04 - Toy Story, or Part IV of Stephen's big vacation in hell.

09/27/04 - It's hell, boy! Pure Hell Part V.

10/04/04 - Another loving fan wants let let Stephen know how much she really loves him.

10/11/04 - She Devil vs. Hellboy!

10/18/04 - Stephen call for the help of Jerome for an important mission.

10/25/04 - I shall bow down to them and make babies...and they will be good.

11/08/04 - I did it because Bob wanted me too!

11/15/04 - Jerome's big day is coming!

11/22/04 - Red, Hot, MAG-MA!

11/29/04 - Penguin beaks an other toys.

12/06/04 - The angry penguin.

12/13/04 - A solid wake up call for Jerome...and what about Bob?

12/20/04 - Merry Christmass to all, and too all a good night.

12/27/04 - It's a beginning of a new era!

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