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Lunatic Raving Archives: 2003


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Lunatic Ravings
Maculate Conception
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By Stephen Johnson

01/06/03 - Stephen and the big rooser problem in Lincoln, NE.

01/13/03 - At last, the good life and it's meaning.

01/20/03 - The Melissa mistake and a heart-felt letter to Saddam.

01/27/03 - All I need is some DNA and a bunsen burner and I'm ready to get this party-started!

02/03/03 - Saddam looses his copyright and Stephen gets a guest.

02/17/03 - Stephen explains what happened last week, but nobody cares except the government!

02/24/03 - Reality tv shows that people will really like.

03/03/03 - Visitor Mail! Visitor Mail is visited with visits from Stephen and visits from you the other visitor who visits the visitors visiting email visits, who visits...oh crap, I lost track.

03/10/03 - Some responses from Melissa B., our Nebraskan friend!

03/17/03 - I am sharing with you secrets on how to become multi-millionaire!

03/24/03 - Bob and his magical pubic hair!

03/31/03 - Another HOT N' HEAVY column!

04/06/03 - The mysteries of chewing gum & nationalism.

04/14/03 - What's in the head is what's in the head.

04/21/03 - The unspeakable horrors Stephen does with super-hero dolls.

04/28/03 -The story of, "I HATE BOB!" part 1

05/05/03 - IT'S CINCO DE MAYO!!! And I just love Bob!

05/12/03 - Part II of "I hate Bob!"

05/26/03 - Part III of "Why I worship Bob!"

06/02/03 - The Fourth and final installation of "Why me hates Bob."

The Archives:
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Chick Shit...
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception

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06/09/03 - Now that Stephen has all that hate out of his system, he's ready to sit down and talk.

06/16/03 - Crack Whores, pigs in a blanket, AOL, and Cops.

06/23/03 - How TV effects our society.

06/30/03 - Gay telemarketers, convienent stores and God!

07/07/03 - Bitta baby, bitta!

07/14/03 - Hollywood Steven helps you out with movie choices!

07/21/03 - Johnny Bravo shares his hopes and dreams...aaaaw.

08/04/03 - Stephen's vacation!

08/11/03 - Visitor mail is answered at last!

08/18/03 - The CA election results and some good popcorn!

08/25/03 - Stephen sheds one lonely tear for the fat-lady stuck on the roof of her car.

09/08/03 - Stephen makes friends with Nevada's finest!

09/15/03 - Though thou walketh in a valley of poppies, thou shall...

09/22/03 - GREAT BALLS OF...

09/29/03 - The hair-bear bunch is having a hey-day!

10/20/03 - The Mystery of rolling heads and cold mac n' cheese.

10/27/03 - MONKEY SEX!!!

11/03/03 - Still, the cottage cheese continues to mold...

11/10/03 - Just gonna fill you in on the Anti-Anti-Anti...is that too many?

11/17/03 - It's what he likes about heeeer, she keeps him up at niiiight....

11/24/03 - Sex advice of the King of POP...I mean CRACK.

12/01/03 - A fight with Peter Pan's shit throwing monkeys leads to peace and tranquility.

12/08/03 - Stephen figures out how to save Nevada!!!

12/15/03 - Stephen starts his own diet!!!

12/22/03 - The Top 10 Movies of the Year!!!

12/29/03 - Top 21 albums of the year!!!

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