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Chick Shit for Chic Chicks Archives: 2003

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Lunatic Ravings
Maculate Conception
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Chick Shit for Chic Chicks

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By Yvonne/Hooty McBoobs

01/08/03 - Sweet Yvonne helps more troubled youth!

01/15/03 - So is Yvonne just plain mean or what?

01/22/02 - There's a new kid in town.

01/29/03 - Mud, Oil, and Bitch Slapping. Who could ask for anything more?

02/05/03 - Yvonne resorts to name-calling!

02/12/00 - Yvonne assures you she is not...I don't want to ruin the big news!

02/19/03 - Sweet Yvonne is happy! Find out why...

02/26/03 - Dating tips for all you loosers!

03/05/03 -THE SECOND DATE!!!

03/12/03 - But I thought Yvonne was on vacation?

03/19/03 - Beauty tips!

03/26/03 - A blast from the past...oh, christ's sake - that's sounds really stupid!

04/09/03 - You can all just go to hell.

04/16/03 - More worthless bullshit from that piece-of-shit-whore.

04/23/03 - For some reason Yvonne is feeling self-conscience.

04/30/03 - Getting men to treat you like the queen you are!

05/07/03 - Cooking Tips!

Chick Shit is now written by "Hooty McBoobs."

05/21/03 - There's a new - new kid in town!

05/28/03 - Commie-Sluts! Or, why I gava up whoring for a doctorin' and lawyerin' jobs.

06/04/03 - Hooty tells you what time it is...

06/18/03 - Two pounds of grapes and a two hour car ride!

06/25/03 - Grapes of Wrath - Part II.

07/09/03 - Hey big spender!

07/16/03 - Better late than never. Waddya want for nuthin'

07/23/03 - The homeless clown!

07/30/03 - You voted for a boob last time, now vote for boobs!

08/06/03 - More of that Presidential Shit, crap...poop.

08/13/03 - Scrapping the crust off is just half the fun!

08/20/03 - Dates = Hates...

08/27/03 - Hooty can't get her head out of the toilet.

09/03/03 - Mud Pies for breakfast.

09/10/03 - "MY god, it's full of stars..."

10/08/03 - A special message from Donnie Z.

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  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Chick Shit...
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
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