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Chick Shit for Chic Chicks Archives: 2002

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By Melissa Paternick

01/02/02 - Melissa gives birth to a well behaved baby!

01/09/02 - Things are lookin' up as Melissa's "gender-free" baby grows in leaps and bounds!

01/16/02 - The Baby gets a name and gets to spend the day with me at work.

01/23/02 - After about three weeks, Melissa's bundle of joy is now over 6 ft tall.

01/30/02 - Melissa tires of motherhood and decides to sell her baby.

02/06/02 - She finally figures out what to do with Dana! Things are lookin' up!

02/13/02 - Melissa gets back together with her old man Ralph. Things are looking up!

02/20/02 - Ralph as arranged for Melissa to be a mom again, this time it may be human!

02/27/02 - She finally gets around to answering mail...

03/06/02 - Melissa gets a big surprise at home!

03/13/02 - Ralph almost get a really, really big surprise...

03/19/02 - Girl Power! girl, power! GRRRRRLLLL POWER!!!

The Archives:
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
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  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception

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03/27/02 - Melissa is in trouble with the law again...

04/03/02 - Now she's trying to secure a lawyer!

04/10/02 - She decides to defend herself!

04/17/02 - She gets a visitor in the big house!

04/24/02 - Melissa is deathly ill! Oh the horror, the horror...

05/01/02 - A burning itch (you know where), worries Melissa's Doctor.

05/08/02 - Melissa's life is one big X-rated Prison Chick Movie!

05/15/02 - She's having a great time in prison but suspects not everyone there is on the "up & up."

05/22/02 - Lies, lies, ALL LIES!!! When will they stop!

05/29/02 - Melissa tries to defend her honor, but she has none.

06/05/02 - Melissa shares her emails with Stephen and Bob!

06/12/02 - Melissa's rude awakening.

06/19/02 - The prison Doctor gives us an update on Melissa's health.

06/26/02 - Hi everybody! I'm feeling much better now!!!

07/03/02 - Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a FREAK!!!

07/10/02 - Unlike Marilyn Manson, Melissa really is part of a freak show!

07/17/02 - My name is Melissa and I have a real agent!!!

07/24/02 - A day in a life... of chicks in jail!

07/31/02 - Melissa new career as a freak receives a horrible set back!

08/07/02 - Melissa has trouble with her super-sized boob!

08/14/02 - The surgery is a success!!!

08/21/02 - Melissa's first show!!!

08/28/02 - Melissa's second freak show!

09/04/02 - Sorry to announce that Melissa is not writing for TheWeirdcrap.com.

09/11/02 - Our first guest writer tries out for the new commentary space available!

09/18/02 - Another person competes for the open commentary space at TheWeirdcrap.com!

09/25/02 - Guest commentator #3, and she talks about breasts!

10/02/02 - The public keeps pouring in sample commentaries for this spot and we still can't find anything that's any good.

10/09/02 - The future of the Chick Shit for Chic Chicks column!

10/16/02 - The lovely and talented Yvonne takes over the column and tells it like it is!

10/30/02 - Domestic advice from the domestic goddess!

11/20/02 - Yvonne writes to a skanky-whore, and it's not Darva Conger!

11/27/02 - Wonderful Thanksgiving cooking tip by Yvonne!

12/04/02 - Good fucking advice from Yvonne!

12/11/02 - Making love to Edward Scissor-hands.

12/18/02 - Yvonne helps you through the difficult holidays.

12/25/02 - Yvonne wishes you all a Merry-Fucking Xmas...in her own special way.

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