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Ask Bob:
The weekly events of a lazy idiot as he stumbles through life, looking for answers to questions that nobody has.

Ask Bob! 2005

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  A brief history:

Originally in 2000, Bob never planned on writing a blog, column, a thing. But Stephen convinced him that a friend of his named "Dave" would write the columns, and he would just have to post them. Dave never wrote a single column, but Bob kept it going answering many questions. Since Bob has a degree in science, he figured he would be well equiped to answer any question.

Although his attempts were sincere, his heavy alcohol and drug use usually left answers that made so little sense they were more comical than informative. Oddly enough folks really seem to like his weekly addition to TheWeirdcrap.com. Every so often Bob finds himself sober and he writes on a more serious note. \

Recently, Bob needed a break (rehab) and now most columns are written by guest writers in the "Ask Bob" sarcastic, comedy traditon.

- Editor -

01/07/05 - Why is the women's so crazy?!

01/14/05 - The hunt for red october fest is over.

01/21/05 - Chicken once, chicken twice...

01/28/05 - Bob takes on the ultimate question!

02/04/05 - Politics and the renagade of logic.

02/11/05 - Penis pumps and racism...

02/18/05 - Does Adhearus.com suck monkey balls?

02/25/05 - Shopping, gas, and Martha.

03/04/05 - The Best of Senitram, "Peeing blood."

03/11/05 - Never saw it in a movie, never saw it in a show, but heard it last night on the weird radio...PART II.

03/18/05 - Elevator Follies

03/25/05 - Easter Top 10!!!

04/01/05 - Random thoughts, from my brain to your eyes.

04/08/05 - Guest Writer Garion Bel takes over for a while!

04/15/05 - Three Guys Named Moe by Garion Bel!

04/22/05 - Revenge of Garion Bel!!!

05/06/05 - Garion again and Salsa-Salsa!

05/28/05 - He's Baaaack! Guest writer Bob Senitram?

06/05/05 - Guest writer Brian Petre, "Cieling Follies"

06/12/05 - Carbon Monoxide sucks...By Brian Petre

06/30/05 - Gentleman's Club Struggles...By Brian Petre

07/08/05 - Terrorists...Anti-Islam? By Bob Senitram

07/14/05 - Tales of the "Pelican Tragic" by Brian Petre

07/27/05 - Tales of the "Pelican Tragic II" by Brian Petre

08/05/05 - Mexican-itis, Terrorists, and the News by Bob Senitram

08/13/05 - Tom the Cruse, Bush, and Poo by Bob Senitram

08/17/05 - Tales of the "Pelican Tragic" III by Brian Petre

08/24/05 - Tales of the "Pelican Tragic" IIII by Brian Petre

09/07/05 - Tales of the "Pelican Tragic IV by Brian Petre

09/14/05 - The Joys of Parenthood by Bob Senitram

10/02/05 - Outhouses can be homes too by Brian Petre

10/06/05 - Slippery When Stupid by Brian Petre

10/24/05 - So who's innocent? by Bob Senitram

11/02/05 - They Took My Trailer Trash by Brian Petre

12/04/05 - The Meaning of Life by Bob Senitram

12/11/05 - Christmas Cheer for Yall by Bob Senitram

12/19/05 - Its the most wonderful time of the year by Bob Senitram

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