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Ask Bob Archives: 2002

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Lunatic Ravings
Maculate Conception
Ask Bob
Chick Shit for Chic Chicks

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By Bob Senitram

01/11/02 - Better late than never predictions for the new year!

01/18/02 - Yikes! I get fired from my job! THANKS G.W.B.!

01/25/02 - We review my fall preview-predictions and see if they hold water.

02/01/02 - Bob uses the experimental method to figure out why one testicle is lower than the other.

02/07/02 - I got problems with the cable monopoly in town.

02/15/02 - Bob's Sexed-Up, Star-Studded Valentines Day Special!

03/01/02 - Gone for a week, but back with New TV shows made by ME!!!

03/08/02 - It's a snow day! It's a snow day!

03/15/02 - We know you've been waiting for it...it's the history of TheWeirdcrap.com!

03/22/02 - Bob explains why cooked cabage smells like crap.

03/29/02 - Bob, Bel's and Stephen's ten year High School Reunion!

04/05/02 - Bob is unsatisfied with today's music scene.

The Archives:
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Chick Shit...
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception
  Chick Shit...
  Lunatic Ravings
  Ask Bob
  Maculate Conception

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04/12/02 - I get to go to a Pea-sci-ki-a-trist!

04/19/02 - Middle East Crisis? Posh, posh, the solution is simple.

05/03/02 - Bob's out of jail and talks about, a little bit o' this and a little bit o' that.

05/10/02 - Grand-ma-ma's campaign against sillyness!

05/17/02 - All about that primordal soup jazz.

05/25/02 - Will Bob soon become a "silent Bob?!"

05/31/02 - Those "Baby-Birthing" classes finally pay off!

06/07/02 - Origins of the Ubêr-Baby!

06/14/02 - Cresent + Fresh = Bob!

06/21/02 - Do "Triple D's" mean triple dumb?

07/05/02 - A heart felt message from Bob's wife.

07/12/02 - The ol' lady is concerned about Internet slut, bitch and whores contacting Bob.

07/19/02 - That moron has been promising a telemarketing story for over a month! Is this finally it!

07/26/02 - Telemarketing Fun!

08/02/02 - Can it be true? America's perfect father has gotten sick of Baby Girl?

08/09/02 - Downtown movie reviews - BLAM BLAM!!

08/16/02 - I'm a family man damn-it!

08/23/02 - I decide to eat the Kitty.

08/30/02 - It's time to save money in the Senitram house!

09/06/02 - Bob finds out what it's like to be a woman.

09/13/02 - I have a very curious dream.

09/27/02 - The famous dollar late and day short fall TV review!

10/04/02 - Atomic-projectile-farting and the GMWA!

10/18/02 - Bob is in the hospital so it's email time!

11/01/01 - Just in time for Holloween, Bob figures out how to become Spidey-Man!

11/08/02 & 11/15/02 - NEGATIVE MAN rides again!



12/06/02 - Jerome's amazing rise to fame!

12/19/02 - Bob's special holiday spirit filled article!

12/27/02 - He seeks help in understanding B batteries.

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